Rigging a large tree to a crane to off-load and plant

Reimagining Your Property

Moving large trees is a highly specialized operation gives our clients the avenues to dream big, and can dramatically change the character of a property.


Seeing the Possibilities

Whether you want to define a space, give a garden more room, provide screening from unwanted views, or create some instant shade, we have the knowledge and skill to accomplish your dreams.

Our Large Tree Installation Process

  • Large tree installation begins with our design staff sourcing and selecting the proper plant material for the application from one of our trusted vendors – we invite all clients to accompany us during the selection process or can send photos and information to help with the decision process
  • Gale Nurseries will arrange to have the plant material dug and shipped to our job site by typically by oversized tractor trailer
  • Our installation crews prepare an oversized hole in advance, amended with the proper soil mixture and fitted with custom drainage and irrigation systems
  • Inspection chambers are installed around the root system of the tree that enable our crews to routinely inspect the tree and monitor plant health during the process
  • A specialized crane or boom truck with custom rigging enables us to move trees from the delivery trailer to the proposed planting location – there is generally minimal or no impact to the job site since installation can be done from above

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