Making a Plan

During initial design meetings with this client, many issues were discussed such as the need for privacy, a pond, a lap pool, and a pool house.

Working on this project from inception the architecture drove the design.


"We love re-imagining large spaces in a way that preserves their grandeur while making more intimate areas to experience."

Christine Gale

Giving Gravitas to the Grounds

A 16 ft. by 75 ft. pool was incorporated into the design which features a raised stone coping. The raised coping along with the large evergreens, averaging 30 ft tall, that were transplanted, give the property a sense of history. The pool and two lily ponds are located on the east/west axis and the terminus is of the axis is a pool house.


Planting a Country Paradise

The Gale team incorporated existing plantings with a mix of classic hedges and bushes to provide definition to the space while adding an elegant color palette of pinks and purples through grasses, flowering perennials, and vibrant annuals.

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