Updating for Outdoor Living

The 25 year old pool that pre-existed on the site was renovated. The renovation, designed and installed by Gale Nurseries, was a complete update and rearrangement of the outdoor spaces.


Building New Spaces

The pool area and driveway were combined to create a larger more open outdoor space while still keeping the driveway usable to access the garage. A garden wall and gate were added to expand the space out onto the driveway. The new found space allowed for a larger entertaining area, a dining area, and a granite bar with a pizza kitchen.


Solving On-Site Challenges

The most innovative aspect of this design incorporated permeable paving. A combination of granite pavers and gravel lock were used. The advantage of using permeable paving is that water is able to move through the paving which significantly reduces drainage issues.

Completing the Scene

The planters around the pool provide a burst of color and are also the highest maintenance planting on the property. The property requires a relatively low amount of maintenance as planted materials consist of perennial plantings. Tillia, which has been pruned to run the width of the pool area, connects the dining area with the bar and pizza kitchen.

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