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Putting in the Hard Work Needed for Beauty

Among the first projects undertaken, Charlie and Chuck Gale supervised the dredging of the pond and the landscaping of its outlet. Two bridges and a springhouse were built, and rock gardens and sweeps of wildflowers were planted. When erosion became a problem, the stream’s flow was stabilized by the installation of boulders at strategic points in the stream bed.

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“We wanted a natural look, a garden that would change with the seasons.”

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Stunning Gardens, From
Our Family to Yours

A stone path with stairs now meanders through a woodland, and a perennial border 20 feet wide and 150 feet long was installed between the pond and the stream. In 2005, in conjunction with the wedding of one of the clients’ children, Christine Gale designed the restoration and extension of this border, altering the plantings, renovating the retaining wall, and adding stairs and a seating area.

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Letting Our Work
Speak for Itself

“The Gales have always understood exactly what we wanted,” the clients say. “And they’ve been understanding when we reject an idea. If they agreed with us, they would immediately go back and rework the plan. But when they thought they were right they would tell us—and those times, they always were right.”

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